4 Popular Drinking Games for Your Sentosa Beach Bar Trip


Are you looking for a drinking game to play near an outdoor beach bar in Singapore with your friends or family? Here is a list of the most popular beach drinking games. This list will provide innumerable options for wedding events and, of course, innumerable fun for all this summer and throughout the year.

Here are four of the most popular drinking games at the beach.

1. Beer Pong Golf.

You can play Beer Pong Golf on nearly every surface, even on the sand near an outdoor beach bar in Singapore. Beer Pong Golf balls are made of high-quality plastic in the shape of golf balls, allowing the game to happen almost anywhere. Play with your friends at a backyard barbecue, a tailgate, the next party, or other events and locations!

2. Water Balloon Toss.

Fill balloons with water beforehand and place them in a kiddie pool or large bucket. Have each pair of guests toss water balloons to one another. When a balloon bursts, the team is out of the game or must consume alcoholic beverages. This is a fun game to play with tourists especially if you plan on visiting Sentosa and their beach bar.

3. KanJam.

KanJam is now one of the most popular, entertaining, and competitive team party games ever created. KanJam is a good choice for your upcoming wedding event and is suitable for any occasion or location like at a Siloso beach bar. The game consists of two cans with open tops and a wider slot on the front than a frisbee. The game is played by placing the cans 50 feet apart and having two teams of four players use a frisbee. The objective is to get the frisbee into the front slot of the can for an instant victory.

4. Musical Towels.

It’s easy to play this beach-themed version of the modern musical chairs game. In addition to a music player and some upbeat beach music, you’ll need a sufficient number of beach towels for each player, minus one towel.

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