Japan Travel: An Ancient History-Rich Land In The Far East


Japan is a fantastic blend of the latest high-technology innovations and ancient history. You will see the dizzying lights and beautiful old temples near modern skyscrapers. You will have these stunning views:

  • Groomed gardens
  • High-speed trains
  • High mountains
  • Quirky culture

All these create a fascinating society that has evolved for many centuries. If you are a visitor to Japan, it means you don’t want something new, but an interesting place to explore. Japan Traveller Guide brings you a great and memorable vacation in the far east of Asia.

Modern and comfortable transportation

The majority of the visitors arrive at Japan’s international airports, either:

  • Narita Airport in Tokyo
  • Kansai Airport in Osaka

From the airport, visitors can take domestic flights or travel by car rental, train, or coach. But, the most interesting transportation is by train, since it is the usual mode of transportation, which is usually watched by visitors on their TV shows and anime series. The train network in Japan is reliable and excellent, making it one of the best modes of travel within the country. The bullet train is the first high-speed train in the world.

You may try to ride on the unlimited train journeys of the special tourist Japan Rail Pass. Three weeks ride on a train makes you experience like you are enjoying in an arcade. But, remember that the pass must be bought first before you arrive in Japan. Also, there are a few restrictions. The Kosoku bus is the cheapest way to travel, coach travel.

Distinct weather

Japan has unique weather that makes it a great place to visit. The most famous season in Japan is spring, you will see beautiful cherry blossoms blooming. It is one of the most beautiful attractions that all most wished to witness in their own eyes.

During the summer season, the weather is very hot and humid. But, mountains are unstoppable in maintaining fantastic escapes. Summer is the season of festivals celebrated.

During autumn, it brings a vibrant blaze of foliage. While in the winter season, the northern mountains in Japan provide good skiing regions. The Pacific and South coast are milder compared to the other parts of the country. It is a great time to experience hot springs in Japan, you can find many regions in Tohoku.

Good accommodation

There are plenty of accommodation options in Japan, both Japanese and Western styles, which cater to everyone’s budget. You may try one night in Ryokan to get a truly Japanese experience. The Japanese inn always includes happy meals. Bed and breakfasts are many good ways to experience Japanese-style living.

Western-style hotels are common with many familiar establishments all over the country. Budget travelers find hundreds of hotels suitable to their needs. One of the most distinct options is staying in a Japanese temple and taking part in Buddhist prayers in the morning.

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