SAPA: The land of infinite rice fields and a paradise for trekking lovers


Northern Vietnam is one of the most beautiful mountain areas in the country. In fact, in Sapa you will find what is known as the roof of Indochina, the Fansipan, with a height of 3,147 meters. It is one of the main visiting points for Vietnamese tourism. Sapa is a city located in the northeast of the country, characterized by being located at approximately 1600 meters high, and surrounded by nature, mountains and many of Vietnam’s ethnic minorities.

Sapa Attractions

Those who visit Sapa enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround the city, as well as to get to know the small towns of the different ethnic groups that live in this area. Majority of tourists come to Sapa and trek around the surroundings through the picturesque landscapes, beautiful mountains and vast Sapa rice fields. It is the main activity and one of the most beautiful in the area, but there are also other things that can be done in and around Sapa.

In Sapa, you can take countless routes to get to know the mountains and visit the small towns to get to know some of the most interesting ethnic groups in Asia. The normal thing is to do a route or a couple of them depending on the days that you dedicate to the visit of Sapa. This area is considered to be one of the best for hiking in the world, due to its dreamlike landscapes.

Do you need a guide?

Trekking in Sapa can be done on your own, or by hiring an excursion. The hiring options for trekking excursions are multiple since almost any establishment in the city will offer them to you. There is also the option of hiring it with one of the women of the different ethnic groups who visit the city trying to attract tourists for an excursion. The route runs along almost vertical paths that descend the high mountains to the lower valleys where the villages are located. The landscapes are of infinite beauty, with the mountains that surround the environment and the stepped rice terraces.


It is convenient to be well prepared for the route since it is quite demanding, especially for the knees. It is also advisable to wear sun protection, a cap or hat to protect the head and plenty of water, the humid heat will make you sweat jets. Anyway, you will find women of different ethnicities, selling water on the trail.

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