Planning to Live in Massachusetts? Here Are Some of The Best Places to Live In.


Massachusetts said to be the European first settlement, done in 1960 is one of the main attractions in America. It is still a national compass when it comes to terms of transformation. The first activities which started here were farming, fishing, and the whaling center. Then towards the end of the 20th century, there was this old colony state, which had gone through a huge transformation with hi-tech facilities and an artistic powerhouse. This place is now called the “The Massachusetts Miracle”.

The best places to live here are mainly at the Bay State. You need to remember that closer you are to Boston, and the most expensive will be the cost of living. On the other hand, the farther you are slower will be the life here, but it is not boring though. If you are moving to any of these places in Massachusetts then you can take help from these professionals named Ship A Car Inc. This is one of the best Massachusetts vehicle transport companieshaving a huge network of carriers.

Below are some of the best recommendations for places in Massachusetts:

  1. Waltham: It is a town near Boston (located in Middlesex County). The name is derived through a watch manufacturing company named “Waltham Watch Co.”. This place is very much close to Boston (which is within the proximity of 10 miles). You would surely love the nightlife here with over 260 bars and restaurants. For entertainment purpose, it also has many museums, theatres, and parks for family and friends together.
  2. Lexington: It is one of the best places here in Massachusetts. This is a place where the first shots of the American Revolutionary War were fired. Here around 33000 residents come together on the first Monday of April and show respect to all the early struggles for independence. This area has the best performing public schools here and the crime rate is also very low.
  3. Leverett: This is the best place if you are looking for a peaceful and quiet environment. The cost of living is very affordable here and the crime rate is next to null. It is a small town with only 2000 residents with a highly ranked school district. Though this place is an affordable cost of living.
  4. Cambridge: This is a place that has the world’s leading institutions for higher studies like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. Here you will find a smart crowd to enjoy yourself and also a great nightlife with plenty of good restaurants, bars, and art centers.
  5. Winchester: It is home to 22,000 people here. This is a place specially made for family, especially for their great schools. The crime rate is less here and the commutation to the city is also an easy task. The best place for swimming, paddling, and ice-skating is Mystik Lake, which is a picnic spot for most. But when you talk about the cost of living here, this is not so cheap.
  6. Longmeadow: This is a home for around 16,000 people (a town in Hampden County). It has the best public school here. The high schools here always win the Grammy awards when they travel for nationwide competitions. The cost of living is also affordable here.

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