For Business Startups: List of Travel Services Being Offered in the Philippines


The vast and rapid growth of the travel and tourism industry has made most travel companies extend their services, accommodating a wide range of consumer needs. Agencies nowadays do not solely offer ticket booking and standard assistance, but rather complex relationships between varied sources and different sectors as well. If you’re new to the field, consider this article to ignite ideas in expanding your operations. 

Travel Bookings and Management

The main function of travel agencies is to manage the traveler’s booking experiences for a convenient trip. This includes ticket reservations, car rentals, hotel management, mode of travel, and even the security policies. Although the transactions and operations have changed overtime, travel companies have always found methods to meet the client demands.

  • Might provide traveler authorization and permits needed if a client wants to tour a particular unspecified area.
  • Classify tour locations and the shopping areas available
  • A proper breakdown of the market. In some cases, interpret it to the clients
  • Perform other functions on behalf of major airlines
  •  They will provide you with necessary information reported on your journey. Thus, keeping you updated until the visit is prioritized.


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Traveler Assistance and Customer Service

Since travel agencies are recognized for their tour and travel expertise, some clients prefer to ask them questions, advice, or assistance. In some instances, there are unforeseen circumstances that most people can’t handle in an instant, including illnesses, emergencies, and missing pieces of baggage to name a few. Travel operators are trained to resolve these kinds of issues. They could also offer consulting services that may be or not directly related to their traveling options.


  • Determine travel requirements, budgets, and inclinations.
  • Advises travelers about purposes, cultures, practices, weather, and pursuits.
  • Suggests resolutions concerning travel issues and complaints
  • Advances accurate records of bookings, fees, and other travel activities
  • Collects installments, registers travel arrangements

Insurance and Currency 

Travel insurances are additional services provided for clients ensuring their safety. This would protect them in case of personal injuries or loss of baggage during the journey, depending on the policies and coverages they filed. It would technically support them in conflicts that would emerge related to traveling matters. Do note that there are exclusions in the insurances since not every detail could be covered. 


Moreover, the exchange of currencies is readily available by travel agencies as commissioned by the administration. With these, a travel management agency or company is eligible to develop travel policies for groups and other organizations for a proper and compelling message to the representatives. This involves regulations on expenses, feasibility, and limitations to executives.


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