A Trade Show is the Perfect Face of a Company: Productronica is the Best


How to properly prepare your participation for a better return on investment? The many benefits offered by attending a trade show result in a return on investment of two during the show itself and eight within six to eight months after the event. To be able to take advantage of this opportunity for your business, you must carefully prepare for your participation. First and foremost, you need to select the salon that best meets your goals.

Then allocate a budget for this event. Participating in a trade show effectively requires investment because various charges must be provided for, such as exhibition costs, the creation of the stand, but also accommodation costs, for example. It is also essential to plan your participation. In general, it is prepared a year in advance which allows you to establish an action plan. As you witness Productronica you can learn a lot from it.

Do not forget to inform your prospects and your customers of your participation in this fair. They might want to visit it or talk about it around them. Finally, once there, set up a professional and attractive booth. Work on your speech to be as relevant and convincing as possible.

The Consequences of COVID-19 on Trade Shows

The events sector has been very strongly affected by COVID-19. If the many events and trade shows had to be canceled in 2020, professionals in the sector have already responded by innovating. Indeed, the events sector is undergoing a transformation thanks to its great capacity to adapt. Of hybrid events, combining physical encounter and digital experience, see more on the day. The objective is to guarantee the safety of the participants while allowing keeping this relational bond so specific during the events.

The next Productronica exhibition should therefore be surprising. Participating in a trade show offers you, before a showcase, a powerful communication tool. You can find new customers and form new business relationships. To benefit from the many advantages of a trade show, it is necessary to be well prepared.

Nearly 350 trade shows are organized each year. To make the right choice, first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this show really correspond to my core business?
  • What is the profile of visitors is it in line with my main target?
  • What is the number of visitors? Is it constantly increasing from year to year?
  • What are my quantified objectives (in order to measure the return on investment)?
  • What are the participation modalities and the necessary budget to exhibit?

But What Budget?

Becoming an exhibitor is often expensive: you will need to carefully calculate the cost of the event upstream. Here are three tips to limit costs:

  • Share your stand with a partner brand (ensure the consistency and complementarity of the products or services offered).
  • Take advantage of the organizers’ closure offers: some un rented stands are sold off at the last minute. Be careful, however, you will not have the choice of location.
  • Set up the stand yourself without going through a switchboard operator. This option requires a minimum of know-how and does not exempt you from respecting the specifications of the organizer in terms of safety instructions, insurance

And if your budget does not allow you to set up a stand there, you can go there and make interesting contacts during conferences and workshops.

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