What is Covid 19 and insurance policy by away holiday?


In this article, we will first address what Covid 19 is and why it is so dangerous and present everywhere.

Also, we will discuss the travel insurance policy they offer during the Covid 19 pandemic is.

What is Covid 19, and why is it dangerous?

Covid 19 is the name given to the new virus that came out in the year 2020.

This virus has proven to be deadlier than Ebola or any other virus.

This is because it has been around one year since this virus came out, and there is no vaccine for it.

Scientists from every country are working together to make a vaccine that can treat Covid 19.

But they have not found anything, and the vaccine which they are giving people is an agent.

It means that it is a suppressing agent and not the actual vaccine that can keep you safe from Covid 19.

The good news is that after one whole year of complete lockdown in every country.

They have finally allowed people to travel from different countries as it is on hold.

Now they can control the virus for a little time, and they are opening international travel.

They are doing this so that people stuck in other countries can go back to their homes.

But some people see this as an opportunity, and they are going out for a short vacation.

This is because everything during this pandemic time has become very cheap. After all, there is no buyer.

The virus has harmed a lot of industries, and when it is gone, they can recover quickly and more smoothly.

Covid 19 is a virus that has affected all kinds of business sectors that is from trading to hospitality.

The most affected are all the sectors because nothing is getting sold in the market, and there is abundance.

What is the travel insurance policy given by away holiday?

If you have planned a trip with Away holidays during the Covid 19, then they will insure you.

They will do this because if you get sick or anything happens, then the policy will help them a lot.

Their policy will cover the expense of lost passports, delays, missed flights and also personal possession, etc.

If there is any kind of medical emergency, then they have a coverage of up to 7 Million Pounds.

This will include everything that is from the hospital bill to the treatment of the patient.

They will also ensure you if you are doing repatriation to your home if you are injured very badly.

If anything gets canceled in the trip, then you have coverage of 5000 pounds for the traveler.

Another thing is that they will give you 200 Pounds before you travel as the extra cashback like profit.

Their policy will cover everything from paying the money for the quarantine center and much more.

This means if you are on policy with them, they will do everything it takes to get you back safely to your home.

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