Your Best Summer In Japan: Best Times


A fabulous trip to Japan in perspective but when is the best time to go there? The answer is in this article. The most pleasant season to go to Japan is spring: the weather is radiant and the cherry trees are in bloom. You can also go in autumn. The colors are just as beautiful. It is preferable to favor the mid-season to discover the country. Indeed, winter can be very cold, while summer is often very hot, with abundant precipitation. For a summer in japan with a perfect visit, you can have the best time.

Going to Japan in spring, the Best Time from March To May

It is the season of Hanami, the flowering of the famous Japanese cherry trees. A magical show not to be missed! But that’s not the only advantage of spring. The temperatures are very pleasant, ideal for hiking in Hokkaido, basking the pill on the beaches or enjoying the hot springs, the Onsens.

Going To Japan In Winter from December to March

Set off for the stunning Japanese ski resorts. You can especially go to Niseko where the snow is absolutely magnificent. In Nozawa Onsen, we ski and then we take advantage of the onsen, the hot springs in which we bask after the effort. The best skiers will choose the Hakuba resort offering very good level slopes. Go between December and March to benefit from the best weather conditions and ski on pleasant snow. You can also enjoy the Onsens, the Japanese hot springs, in  Kinosaki, Hongu or Kayotei.

When to Bask On the Beaches Of Japan From March To August

These are the best seasons to enjoy the beach in Japan. Many Japanese beaches are worth a visit in themselves. This is the case for the beaches of the Kerama Islands, each as beautiful as the next. Also go through Sakibaru Kaigan, an absolutely sublime beach. Choose spring and summer to enjoy warm temperatures and great sunshine. You can also choose Hoshizuna-no-hama beach and admire its coral reef.

When to Go Hiking In Japan From September To November And From March To May

Japan is a privileged terrain for hikers. You can walk through the stunning scenery of the Japanese Alps or go on a trek to Hokkaido, a prime destination for nature lovers. In Kumano Kodo, you can walk to the Hongu hot springs. Go preferably during the mid-seasons to benefit from temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold.

When to Enjoy Hot Springs In Japan: All Year.

The hot springs called “Onsen” are a must during a trip to Japan. Whether in Kinosaki or Kayotei, you will not be disappointed by the charm of the place. In Hongu, it is after a long hike that you will bask in the Onsen. There are many more, and the Japanese go there all year round. You can go all year round , and rather in mid-season if you also hike.

When to Attend Japanese Festivals and Festivals: March-April and July-October.

Do not miss the various Japanese festivals, such as Gion Matsuri. During this great Kyoto summer festival, many floats parade through the city and very lively evenings are organized. In Hanami, in March and April, there are cherry blossom celebrations. Also, don’t miss Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri in September and October, as well as Hatsumode on New Year’s Day, the first temple visit of the year.

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