Why do people prefer coworking spaces over traditional office spaces in Tokyo?


In Tokyo, finding a full-time job is hard. That being said, starting a business in Tokyo is even harder. A crucial step for any business is to develop networks and connections. Coworking spaces in Tokyo can be referred to as one of the best places for this purpose.

A coworking space is a specific space where people come to work as well as network. The coworking organizations lease out office spaces for rent to individuals as well as companies for a certain time period. The payment method depends on monthly or hourly membership. The office spaces are mostly equipped with items that will be needed to get the job done, like seats, printers, fast Wi-Fi, tables, et cetera. Some spaces even offered free drinks.

Even before the pandemic hit the world, coworking spaces had established their footing in Tokyo due to the hassle-free work environment. In comparison to the high cost of managing an office space, especially for startup companies, coworking spaces come with many benefits like:

Availability of hot desks

This is a community workspace that is used by every member. Some paper for each because it is very flexible and allows members to choose where and when they want to work.

Private office

This is a designated office region that can be either used by a specific person or by a group of people.

Fixed desk

This is a workplace that is specifically allotted to a specific person or a group of people for usage.

What are the benefits of renting coworking spaces in Tokyo?

Networking opportunities

Networking opportunities are a big advantage, especially for startup companies. Coworking spaces allow people to meet others who are from different fields. Coworking spaces also tend to hold events for their members and members from other companies to take part in. There is a high chance of people meeting others from different companies and these interactions turning into a valuable business partnership in future.


With the number of start-ups and freelancers increasing in Tokyo, cost efficiency has become a huge reason why people prefer coworking spaces over traditional office environments. It costs much less to rent a coworking space compared to establishing a full office with all necessary amenities. Depending on the utilities, equipment and other amenities which are available at a coworking space, it is a cheaper option than a traditional office.

Flexibility and scalability

This is another reason why large enterprises and startup companies favour coworking spaces because they are very flexible and scalable. They are vastly different from the space that you would get if you rent an office space. In the case of coworking spaces, you can also adjust the scale of the parking space. Finally, if you decide to move the office, all you have to do is cancel the membership and move on.

These amazing facilities and benefits are what have made coworking spaces more favoured over the traditional office space in the Japanese environment.

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