Amazing Things about Scuba Diving Hurghada


The Red Sea is a traditional Scuba Diving Hurghada destination, renowned for its prosperous coral reefs, its solemn shipwrecks and its potent pelagics. And while many divers are attracted to current events and wildlife of great scale, certain areas also boast peaceful circumstances and excellent visibility for beginners and the reason why so many students come here to learn. A selection of exciting destinations ideal for studying or continuing their underwater training are available to new divers for choices.

One of the most thrilling diving destinations on the planet is the Egypt Red Sea. Hundreds of great dive resorts and destinations across the country and perfect for beginners with excellent underwater conditions, easy currents, and crystal clear water are available to students. When people have been trained, they will stick to their new scuba skills for some more days of diving.

Divers have come to the Red Sea for decades, and when it comes to working with new divers, their resorts and hotels would be remarkably well-linked and experienced. Egyptian hospitality, with a warm welcome and endless taste of hot tea, is also extremely welcoming to people and some of the finest crew of boats with which they will ever be diving.

Since Egypt’s Red Sea is calm and visible throughout the year, there are plenty of learning opportunities and hundreds of excellent dive centers to choose from. All the hot spots of Egypt are well linked by domestic flights, bus routes, and a fast ferry service.

Scuba Diving Hurghada is the place to go if someone is a novice diver looking to gain some experience. Many of its waters are not so deep though offering a beautiful view over reefs and marine life. Hurghada is also an excellent place to go on excursions to other areas of the Red Sea area of Egypt. There are only 45 minutes by boat to the Giftun Islands. And, perhaps most importantly, they can quickly find non-stop flights from Europe to Hurghada. Many other top diving destinations do not have such luxury, which is one of the reasons Hurghada is suitable for beginners.

Hurghada, once a small fishing village, has expanded to be the largest resort on the Egyptian mainland since daily tourism began. Many of the reefs are readily accessible, shallow, sheltered habitats teeming with the Red Sea’s rich marine life, making it an excellent location for beginner diving and dive courses. With deeper sites and stronger currents, advanced divers can feel right at home. The Giftun Islands are popular with divers of all levels, and the proximity of Sha’ab Abu Nuhas and its wrecks, like El Gouna just a short drive to the north, is popular with wreck divers of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Hurghada is also the main starting point for red sea life, offering a variety of routes to nearly all the red sea reefs and wrecks. Year-round, direct flights to Hurghada are available from most European cities. Flying to Cairo and then taking an internal flight to Hurghada is another choice.

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