5 Beautiful Places to See Around British Columbia 


British Columbia is the furthest West Canada can reach.  In this province lies endless gorgeous islands, incredible mountains, and breath-stealing views.  Although most of the land’s beauty is well known, some visitors and locals don’t take advantage of enjoying all of the sights.  Here are the top five beautiful British Columbia destinations and why you should pay all of them a visit!


An obvious choice, but worthy of it, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.  The endless and magnificent water views complement gorgeous neighborhoods of eclectic architecture and charming details.  Proud of its fun nightlife and work balance, this city will leave you breathless at every turn.  The best part of Vancouver is how close you are to a couple of other sights on this list; they’ll make you want to drop everything and start looking for Vancouver homes for sale.


If you’re not from British Columbia, and you want a piece of natural beauty you won’t find anywhere else, the trails around Squamish are a must-see.  An hour away from Vancouver, tucked into the most beautiful mountains you’ll ever traverse, is the First Nations Trail, a walk that will make you feel more unified with the views around you.  Although most of these trails are open year-round, the best ideas you can get are in the late fall when the trees have shifted color and snow is settling in on the peaks.  


Internationally known as a skiing hotspot, Whistler is more than just powdery snow and significant slopes.  Gorgeous forest trails and beautiful craggy mountains make this area feel incredibly divorced from the city itself.  The people of Whistler are charming and welcoming while also being skilled and knowledgeable with the local sports.  Although the cold can get severe, it’s worth it to see some of the most cinematic peaks in existence.


Every inch of Victoria is beautiful.  Holding a reputation as an artsy and young city, people come to Victoria to live more manageable and more comfortable lives.  Beautiful art sits on every corner, and the open waters surround the city to ensure you never forget how close you are to the sea.  Local festivals happen at least once a month, and there are art gatherings every week in the Summer.  Although it doesn’t have skiing slopes, this city will make you fall in love with all of its beauty.

Helmcken Falls

Slipping away from the city and into the depths of nature is all that some people want.  Unfortunately, that’s getting harder to do.  Visiting Helmcken falls can be the reprieve some people need to gather themselves and relax.  Nestled in the Wells Gray Provincial Park, these falls reach a height of almost five hundred feet.  Their beautiful tumbling waters have inspired artists and poets alike and are one of the top photographed landmarks in British Columbia.  Although you may think these are a view you can drive by and have enough of, many find themselves planning their entire days over a visit to Helmcken Falls.

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