Why You Should Consider Visiting Fernie, B.C.


As the world continues its journey toward the new normal, countless people are finding themselves wanting to travel again. Most nations have already eased their COVID-19 restrictions, allowing the tourism industry to recover. This allowed numerous travelers to explore some of the most popular cities worldwide, while some chose to revisit local spots to escape their everyday stresses quickly.

One such place that is famous for international and local visitors is Fernie, a small magical town located southeast of Canada’s British Columbia province. Situated in the Elk Valley area, Fernie has something to offer for visitors all year round. It is popularly known as the home of the Fernie Alpine Resort, one of the finest skiing resorts in the country. Many people who love to experience the thrill of different winter activities flock to Fernie, thanks to the up to 30ft of snow it receives annually.

While skiing and snowboarding are the main activities to try during the cold months, there are also other activities around downtown for those who are not a fan of extreme sports. For starters, the annual Fernie Ski & Board Festival raises funds for the Canadian Ski Patrol that ensures safety in the ski resort. In addition, numerous restaurants across 2nd Avenue can provide warm foods and drinks to combat the cold weather.

Fernie is considered a winter haven for countless people, but that does not mean the town has nothing to offer during the summer. Many food establishments allow outdoor dining during the hot season, allowing you to dine in the relaxing mountain breeze. You can also explore Fernie’s colorful history in the Fernie Museum, a two-story structure that showcases photographs, documents, and artifacts that helps preserve the town’s colorful past.

And if you are looking for physical activities during the summer season, Fernie has something for you. One of the popular activities during the warm months is mountain biking. The Ski Hill and Island Lake Lodge terrains have a network of trails that newbies and expert riders can enjoy. And since mountains surround the town, there are also countless hiking trails that you can try. Some examples of manageable trails around town include Fairy Creek Falls and Coal Discovery Trail.

Regarding accommodations, there are plenty of Fernie hotels you can book when you decide to visit. But if you need a cheaper option, there are also numerous hostels with bed and breakfast options for you to try. If you have an R.V., there are several R.V. and provincial parks you can go to, where you also have an opportunity to use a tent should you wish to. However, you should note that Fernie’s tourism is active all year round, so booking in advance is a must to avoid hassle when you arrive in town.

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