Top Reasons to Visit Glacier National Park


Glacier national park is one of the most popular national parks in the world. Not only friends and families, but even newly married couples visit the place for their honeymoon. If you are someone who loves hiking, you must definitely visit this park. You will have plenty of hiking trails here. This national park is also known for its brilliant lakes and amazing mountains. 

If you want to enjoy watching some beautiful waterfalls, mountain slopes, and wildlife, Glacier national park should be at the top of your list. If you love to explore the various national parks across the world, do visit popular websites like National Parks.

Below are some of the reasons for you to visit this park. 

  • The first thing that most people do here is to visit sun road. On this road, you will observe many viewpoints, hiking trails, visitor centers, and lodges. Due to the heavy snowfall, this place will remain closed from the fall to the spring season. You can plan to visit from July to October.
  • Lake McDonald is also one of the best things to see here. You will observe some colorful rocks and clear water. Touch these rocks and you will really feel so amazing. If you want to click beautiful pictures at the park, Lake McDonald would be a perfect choice for you. The famous Apgar village is located nearby to this lake. Close to the lake, you can find a café, campground, gift shop, etc. Do enjoy the boat tour with your loved ones and you will remember that experience for your lifetime. 
  • Another place that you must definitely visit at the park is two medicines. If you do not like crowds, this is the place for you. As this location is not connected with the sun road, a lot of people miss visiting it. This place is home for a campground. Most people visit this majestic location during the sunrise to enjoy its beauty.
  • If you are looking for a relaxing spot, Bowman Lake is something that you must definitely visit. This lake is also the perfect place for kayaking and paddle boarding. You can find the most delicious pastries here. Children will especially love them. 
  • This national park is well known for adventure sports. Try horseback riding, white-water rafting, and fly fishing here without fail.

You can explore this Glacier national park completely if you plan for a 6 to a 7-day trip to this park. You can see it is more crowded here during summer. If you want to avoid this crowd, plan your visit during weekdays. You will see less crowded on weekdays compared to the weekends. 

Do you want to try swimming at one of the lakes here? The lake water will not be warm, so you may not feel comfortable when swimming. Instead, you can try the paddleboard. Make sure that you wear only comfortable clothing when visiting a park like this. If you do not wear comfortable clothes, you might not be comfortable when walking and hiking.

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