North Face Boys Reversible Perrito Jacket – Best Jacket for You


When temperatures drop, it is necessary to wear clothes that have style and versatility, and warmth. North Face Boys Reversible Perrito Jacket made with soft-shell technology is the perfect garments to withstand harsh weather conditions. These are some of its characteristics:

Light, warm and breathable: far from being heavy or bulky, custom soft-shell garments are very light and warm. They serve to protect you from the cold without the feeling of wearing an uncomfortable garment.

Very adaptable: garments with soft-shell fabric allow the garment to adapt like a glove to the body, making the user forgets that they are wearing it.

They trap heat and block out cold: they are perfect even in extreme conditions. They block the cold and wind and are resistant to water but without compromising breathability.

Comfort Above All:  These jackets are thin enough to accommodate additional layers, like T-shirts or fleeces, but are so warm they allow you to stay comfortable without extra layers.

The softshell technology allows them to be used in different seasons, from typical spring storms to winter snow, both indoors and outdoors.

But this state-of-the-art insulation doesn’t add a single gram of weight to the jacket. Because The North Face Boys Reversible Perrito Jacket stands out for something, it is because it is an ultra light jacket that you will hardly notice that you are wearing. It adapts perfectly to the body’s shape and accompanies you in all your movements like a second skin.

  • Front zip closure, finished in full color in the female version to add a touch of style.
  • Drawstring adjustable bottom hem, which helps retain heat even more and protects from the entry of cold.
  • High neck, both in its version with hood and without hood.
  • Hood with elastic contour for a better fit to the head and better protection against rain and cold.

Conclusion: There is no doubt; The North Face is one of the best choices when it comes to dressing, so you don’t get cold in winter. Whether it’s skiing, hiking, or mountain climbing, The North Face clothing never disappoints.

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