How to Successfully Organize a Seminar on a Boat in Tenerife?


Tenerife has a vast array of locations where you can organize a seminar. Recently, boats have become the most popular venues for seminars. Passenger’s vessels are fully equipped with everything necessary for conducting official business events. Renting a boat for a seminar in Tenerife can be done at favorable terms through

The main advantages of holding seminars on a vessel include:

  • You don’t have to worry about accommodation for visiting guests. A boat for a seminar in Tenerife offers a complete package of services.
  • The rental cost is reasonable, and the boat has everything needed for comfortable relaxation and conducting an official event.
  • There are numerous entertainment programs available on the boat.
  • There is a vast choice of cruise routes.

Choosing a vessel for organizing a seminar on a boat

Organizing a seminar on a vessel gives you a unique opportunity to expand your network, exchange experiences with professionals, and gain plenty of valuable information. Renting a boat for a seminar is an excellent idea for holding an important meeting with colleagues. During the cruise, you can combine an exciting journey with relaxation. By swapping the traditional office setting for breathtaking landscapes and fresh air, you’ll experience an abundance of positive emotions. After reaping the benefits for both health and business, you’ll undoubtedly want to repeat the boat cruise. Today, there are many companies in Tenerife that rent vessels at reasonable costs.

You can hold a fun and relaxed business event on a vessel like the “Freebird One” catamaran. This exclusive catamaran features a refined interior and a spacious upper deck. It is equipped with a galley, saloon, cabins, and banquet hall with panoramic windows. You can rent the vessel for 1170 euros per hour. The “Freebird F15” catamaran has a large capacity, making it a practical and economical vessel with cozy interiors. It features soft furniture and a tent-covered upper deck. The vessel has three restrooms, and the rental price starts at 785 euros per hour. You can enjoy an outstanding experience by renting the “Freebird F13” catamaran, with a rental cost starting at 715 euros per hour. It is characterized by a luxurious restaurant hall and saloon, extensive panoramic glazing, and a delightful observation deck with quality furniture on the upper deck. There is a wide selection of vessels in Tenerife, and you can easily find a suitable option. A seminar organized on a comfortable vessel will be of high quality. Rent Boat Tenerife provides its services at a reasonable cost, ensuring quality.

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