Excellent Tips for Proper Boat Storage


Fall has arrived, and it’s the end of another great boating season. It’s time to consider your boat storage options for a year.

What you need to prepare your boat for months of downtime

The first step, as you understand, is to clean the entire boat. All your fishing tackle, every rod, tackle, all tackle, accessories, and any clothing or other items that can get soaked in water. It is important to go through your fridge and remove all beer. Take them to your house or garage and store them separately. Leaving these things in the boat increases the chance that something will go wrong with your boat and your other belongings. Read more at

When it’s all gone, it’s time to give it a good spin. Clean outside and inside. Take a vacuum cleaner and carefully check every nook and cranny. You never know what might be in there; it could lead to pest damage if it’s a potential food source.

For maintenance, you need to start with everything that requires power. Open the hoses on your living well to drain the water. Then turn on the pump for a few seconds to remove all the water. All these things, such as expensive boat batteries henderson nv, will have to come.

Then remove the spark plugs and use the engine spray can. Then change the spark plugs and run the engine to cover all cylinders. Note that you don’t have to start the engine. Once this is done, you can treat your fuel with whatever stabilizer you choose; make sure it’s a reputable brand you can trust. Follow the mixing instructions for your specific brand; don’t forget to shake well if you’re pre-mixing it in a jar!

You are now ready to drain the water from the bottom of your engine. It must be done as any water accumulated over the season can freeze and cause damage. Basic methods for draining engine oil are used. Prepare your skillet before you start. Loosen the bottom screw, and it will start to flow. Then start loosening the top screw; this will cause the oil to drip faster. Give it a 15 minute break so it can drain right away.

Start filling the bottom end with the bottom screw; this will allow you to push dirt, water, and debris out of the top of the engine. As soon as the oil starts to overflow, it is filled, and you can insert the top screw. Then put the bottom screw back in, and you’re done. It’s now time to put all your gear and batteries inside.


Following these simple steps can significantly increase the life of your boat. Follow them next fall and every year to make your boat storage as convenient and complete as possible.

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