Catered vs Self Catered Accommodation: what to consider


You can hear the mountains calling, it’s time to go skiing. For an unforgettable ski holiday, booking a luxury ski chalet is key. Whether you prefer catered or self-catered accommodation, there is something special about having your very own hideaway in the Alps.

Pros of catered accommodation

I love the convenience of prepared food

Accommodation that provides catering typically includes a breakfast, a mid-afternoon snack, and a 3 or 4-course dinner cooked by experienced chefs. For those who don’t want to cook or clean up afterwards, this is a favoured option and allows you more time to relax or hit the apres!

I want to taste the culinary delights of the country

Catered accommodation usually offers a higher quality of food and service than self-catering. You can expect to eat fresh, tasty meals prepared by professionally trained chefs in a well-equipped kitchen rather than cooking your own meals.

I want to take advantage of any socialising opportunities

Catered accommodation can be a great way to socialise with other guests at the luxury ski chalet, as you’ll be sharing meals and possibly common areas. Self-catered accommodation can be a more private experience.


Cons of catered accommodation

I need to select what food I want carefully

Catered accommodation usually offers a limited range of meal options. It may be tough to find something to eat if you have any dietary requirements or special food preferences.

I prefer to cut costs while on holiday

You can expect to pay more for catered accommodation than self-catering. The resort has to cover the cost of catering and any other expenses, including wages for its staff.

I like to stick to my home routine

Catered accommodation is more formal and can be a bit more regimented in terms of having times to stick to for meals. For those who want the convenience of being able to cook whatever they want when they want, self-catered accommodation is the way to go. 

Pros of self-catered accommodation

I like to cook food I choose

Self-catering accommodation allows you to decide when to eat and what you would like to eat. You have the freedom to eat whatever you desire whenever you want. You’re also not limited by the options on offer at a luxury ski chalet’s restaurant or buffet.

I want to keep costs lower

Self-catered accommodation is usually cheaper and especially true if you plan to cook for yourself most nights of your holiday, rather than eating out every mealtime. So you save money by avoiding restaurants if you choose to most nights.

I love the home-style privacy of self-catering accommodation

Many people prefer their own kitchen and eating space, which gives them more privacy and freedom.

Cons of self-catered accommodation

I want more time to enjoy myself as I didn’t come here to do housework!

If you’re on holiday, time is precious. Self-catered accommodation means that you’ll have to prepare meals and clean up afterwards instead of relaxing or spending time with your family.

Grocery shopping? Driving? No thanks!

Self-catered accommodation means you’re responsible for buying all your own food and transporting it back to the property. This can take up an hour or two of your holiday and is a hassle, especially if you have a big family or a bunch of friends travelling together. And who wants to be left carrying the heavy bags up the slopes?

Factors to Consider When Choosing Accommodation

Determine your budget

Self-catering accommodation can be less expensive than catering accommodation because you are responsible for buying and preparing your own meals. Catering accommodation, on the other hand, includes the cost of meals in the overall price.

Consider your preferences

If you enjoy cooking and have dietary restrictions or preferences, self-catering accommodation at luxury ski chalets may be the better option. If you don’t want to bother with cooking and cleaning, catering accommodation might be more appealing.

Look at the location

Determine if there are grocery stores or restaurants nearby. If you’re in a remote area with no access to shops, then catering is probably the better option.

Evaluate the length of your stay

If you’re only on a brief stay, catering accommodation might be more convenient. If you’re staying for an extended period, self-catering accommodation can save you money and give you a more homely feel.

Check the amenities

Some properties offer additional amenities, such as pool access or Wi-Fi. If you have a young family or are travelling with pets, these things can be important to consider.

Research and compare options to find the best fit for your luxury ski resort experience.


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