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Even after having traveled to more than 50 countries, Guatemala remains one of the countries that is in the top favorites. From the magic of the Mayan ruins of Tikal, to the enchantment of Antigua, to the natural beauty of the volcanoes, lakes and mountains, Guatemala is a favorite destination for your next trip to the American continent, all are there in Guetemala.

In addition to the places you should (even) visit in Guatemala, we also leave you with some suggestions with great hotels where you can enjoy all the charm of the country.

Find the Best Journey Options

To make this itinerary through Guatemala in the time indicated, it will take about three weeks and it will be easier if you rent a car. Almost all places are accessible by public transport mainly in the connection between cities.When arriving at places like Antigua or Flores, for example, it is very easy to visit the volcanoes or the archaeological areas in an organized tour or taxi.

Explore Guatemala

Guatemala mixes in perfect doses its exuberant nature, endowed with jungles, volcanoes, lakes and beaches, with culture, traditions and rich history. A relatively small country with an incredible diversity of landscapes, lots of colorful markets and a warm and friendly atmosphere. In this program you will get to know and experience all this beauty! As you visit the following places, you can find the best Accommodation in Guatemala.


This wonderful city is located in an area of ​​coffee culture, which is very pleasing to coffee lovers. Its location is close to Laguna Chicabal and Santa Maria. It is a cosmopolitan city, but not very big, which pleases visitors.

Pacaya Volcano

The volcano has been inactive for years, which makes the site attractive to visitors who want to see the surrounding terrain up close. To get there it is necessary to walk 3.5 kilometers and this is an enthralling tour for those who enjoy hiking. It’s not a difficult walk, but if you think it’s too long, you can hire a horse. The view when arriving at the destination is incredible, as the Pacaya has an altitude of 2,552 meters. It is worth leaving the sedentary lifestyle aside and going for a walk.

Lake Atitlan

Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, Atitlán has in its horizon the sight of three volcanoesTolíman, Atitlán and San Pedro, being one of the biggest attractions in Guatemala. The lake occupies a volcanic caldera, where many volcanic eruptions have occurred in the past.


It is a natural park accessed through the small village of Langquin. It is north of Guatemala. The karst geological relief is the biggest attraction of the place. The river Cahabón passes through there, which ends up entering a valley, in a sink carved in the rock. It’s just wonderful. The river also flows under a limestone bridge, causing several natural pools to appear, which attract tourists.

Monterrico in Guatemala

The beaches in this beautiful spot in Guatemala are formed from ash from volcanic lava, which gives it a dark hue. The sand is also hot for this reason, so it is suggested to wear appropriate walking shoes. Don’t be discouraged, it’s worth getting to know the place.

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