8 Jakarta Tourism Icons Which Show Another Side of Indonesia


Consider Indonesia, and many people will speak about Bali.  On the other hand, the capital city of Indonesia i.e. Jakarta has a great deal to offer concerning the contemporary city life of the nation.

Even though Bali is a laid-back town, Jakarta has its uniqueness, so you need to plan a Jakarta holiday excursion. If you’re in the mood to party hard and make the best of your Indonesia excursion, Jakarta is a must-visit location. We’ve put together a listing of the top 27 areas to see in Jakarta, which you shouldn’t miss while enjoying the fundamental basis of the city.  Each one of these areas has a great deal to offer.  From waterparks and art galleries to niches, there’s something for everybody, no matter their ages. Are you still puzzled about where to go in Jakarta? Listed below are the very best options that you have!

  1. The National Monument – Iconic Landmark

Let’s begin with a few of the more straightforward yet tasteful Jakarta attractions. It’s among the best Jakarta factors of interest. This 132-meter high structure was built to pay homage to the battle of Independence. You can either enjoy the perspective of the wonderful piece of architecture on the floor, or you’ll be able to climb all of the ways on the top and revel in the breathtaking view of the town. The federal monument holds a particular place in the core of the people of Indonesia.  It’s not only seen by the tourists, but you’ll discover a lot of local folks enjoying the sight of the wonderful architectural marvel. It’s also among the greatest places to go to Jakarta at night because it’s beautifully lit.

  1. Istiqlal Mosque – A Marble Marvel

The Istiqlal Mosque was the biggest in Southeast AsiaConstructed in 1978. The Istigal Mosque is the biggest Mosque in Southeast Asia and among those magnificent places to go to in Jakarta.

If you’re arranging a visit to Indonesia, this is among the most delicate Jakarta areas to see.  The mosque has the potential of 200,000 individuals.

It’s a wonderful courtyard with designer marble and ornamental minarets. The insides of this mosque have decorative Islamic designs. The design and architecture of this mosque attract many tourists each year, and it’s sure to blow your mind too throughout your visit to Jakarta in Indonesia.

  1. Merdeka Square – Perfect Respite

Distributed over 1 KM, and this is one of the principal areas to see in Jakarta. If you’ve seen Tiananmen Square in Beijing and have been in a state of amazement with it, place it in this view that Merdeka Square is five times larger in this location. It’s coated in mountainous regions, footpaths, plus a few wonderful water features.

Among the best Jakarta tourist spots, this can be a place to walk and research, so be certain that you wear comfy shoes while seeing. It’s the ideal place to hang out with your special individual or traveling buddies after a tiring day of sightseeing around town.

  1. Thousand Islands – Escape From Quick Running Life

On the lookout for a break out of Jakarta’s quick life- Subsequently, a million Islands are ideal to you. Situated on the north shore of town, these islands will provide you a chance to feel closer to nature. Though one of those funniest areas in Jakarta, here you’ll locate numerous amazing hotels, restaurants, and secluded golden shores with a stunning view. These islands will provide you an opportunity to dip from the darkened sunshine and unwind for a little while and should surely make it to a list of places to view in Jakarta in 1 day. It’s one of the best areas in Indonesia for nature fans, backpackers, and photography fans.

  1. Taman Mini Indonesia Park – Cultural Tour

Want to learn more about the culture and history of Indonesian individuals – Subsequently, Taman miniature Indonesia Park is essential to visit.  The playground includes a spread of 250 acres and is filled with heritage and customs, making Indonesia stand out in the audience.

You will run into quite a few topics.  There’s a detailed miniature of this archipelago of Indonesia, an IMAX theatre to enjoy some of their greatest movies running in the time of the trip, a conventional theater that hosts regular events, and a cable car. This massive park is regarded as among the greatest places to see in Jakarta in 1 day, not just for the tourists but also for the tourists.  Traveling to Jakarta together with your loved ones and small ones- make sure that you bring them to the superb location at least one time on your journey.

  1. Ancol Dreamland – Theme Park For All Ages

Amongst the top places to see in Jakarta, the Ancol Dreamland will give you an opportunity to escape in the sightseeing. It’s thought of as the best theme park in the nation. If you’re traveling with children, there’s no place better than the theme park to enjoy rides, etc.

This massive park involves a bowling stadium, Fantasy World, Ocean Fantasy Samudra, Water Adventure Park, and many roller coaster rides, aquarium, and shores. The city of Jakarta is popularly famous for its humid weather plus this park will provide you an opportunity to escape from the warmth for some time, which explains why it’s among the greatest places to see in Jakarta town in summer.

  1. National Museum of Indonesia – Historical Exhibitions

It’s found near Merdeka Square and is one of the very best places to go to in Jakarta, Indonesia. The museum includes a wonderful selection of artifacts that provides a thorough view of tIndonesia’shistory and cultural heritage.  If you prefer to learn more about the history of those areas you go to, that is created for you.  You’ll come across the Hindu-Buddhist art of this construction quite intriguing, and also, the treasure area with beautiful gold artifacts can leave you in a state of amazement.  The group of historical ceramics and ancient finds will leave you mesmerized.  In the long run, the weapon set will provide you a glimpse of wars the nation has fought in the background and how weapons have been designed with time.

  1. Jakarta Cathedral – Roman Architectural Wonder

Although the Peninsula stands nowhere near the Istiqlal Mosque concerning size, it’s still among the best places to go in Jakarta city.  It was constructed in 1901, and it functions as the chair of the Roman Catholic institution at the start.  The top side of this church includes some wonderful Roman decorations and magnificent white spires.  The insides give a glimpse of European cathedrals and supply a very different perspective of their faith in the nation.  The Catholic origins of the nation have a fresh breath of air in this cathedral. Overall, the wonderful architecture and tranquil aura of the church are sure to calm your spirits.

Vacation is more than just the scenery or accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Jakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.


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