6 Things to Do on Sentosa Island Besides Visiting a Beach Bar


We have experienced trying times over the past few years. 2022 is a year when we are slowly returning to the status quo. It might take a while to recover to our previous levels of comfort, though. If you are like most people, you have probably cooped yourself up in your homes or neighbourhoods to protect yourself from health concerns, but thankfully enough, in 2022, it is just a bit safe enough to venture outdoors and enjoy what life has to offer. We do not need to stay within the confines of our spaces. If we want to enjoy ourselves at a Sentosa brunch restaurant or bar or go to an amusement park, we could do that.

Most of us are stressed or confused about these times, even as we slowly get back to reality. Along with taking care of your physical needs, you need to think about your mental and emotional ones as well. Part of what makes a healthy lifestyle is taking chances to relax and unwind away from stressors at home or in the office. What better way to do this than by taking a short holiday trip?

Very few people can stand the hustle and bustle of city life forever. Singapore has many wonderful things to offer in urban areas, such as shopping districts or beautiful landmarks. But some people may be surprised to note that Singapore is blessed with some natural resources too. Why not visit Sentosa Island and see what you can do there? You can go swimming or visit a Sentosa beach bar!

What Can You Do on Sentosa Island?


Sentosa is home to beautiful beaches both first-time visitors and locals will appreciate. Singapore is situated in the tropics, which means the fun at beaches never ends! Waters are warm and the weather is great almost all year-round. It is also only a short distance from the rest of Singapore. It’s the perfect weekend getaway for anyone.

So what is there to do on Sentosa Island? You will be surprised by the sheer number of things you can do here. There is a reason why it’s still a locals’ favorite hangout even when there are other places you can go to in Singapore.

Here are a few things you can do on Sentosa Island (that you should try out)!

1)    Visit a restaurant with a sea view

You won’t be able to see much of a sea view if you’re only visiting the city parts of Singapore. While Singapore’s technological and engineering advances are worth a look, you shouldn’t confine yourselves to what the city centre has to offer. Eventually, the dry concrete jungle wouldn’t be a marvel to look at. Why not return to nature and see what else Singapore has to offer in the way of beauty? Visiting a sea view restaurant in Singapore will help you see exactly what you are missing out on. You can enjoy the sights of the ocean while dining in some of the best spots in Singapore, enjoy tasty local dishes, or go drinking with friends and families under the sun.

2)    Go to Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is one of the most well-known attractions in the country. Many people travel to the city-state to visit the attraction, and yes, you can find it here in Sentosa! After you’ve had your fill eating at a sea view restaurant, you and your family can head over to Universal Studios to discover tons of exhilarating rides fit for people of all ages. You will never get tired of revisiting this area because there is always something new to look forward to. They add new rides and attractions all the time, It is perfect for the adrenaline junkie in you.

3)    Visit aquariums and other marine life

Why not try your hand at diving andsnorkelling if you want to meet face to face with the hundreds, if not thousands of species of sea creatures that call Sentosa home? You can even visit aquariums in Sentosa that are worth a second or third look. Learn something educational while frequenting the aquariums and take pictures of dolphins, manta rays, sharks, and many species of fish!

4)    Enjoy the nightlife at Sentosa

No getaway to Sentosa is complete without enjoying the diverse nightlife options available for late-night goers. You can enjoy yourself at a beach side restaurant in Singapore or frequent a beach bar if that is your idea of fun. You can party to music and find many places for adult-only entertainment. Beach bars are the best way to end a tropical vacation!

5)    Go on guided tours and hike or trek the island

Sentosa Island is a natural wonder that is not filled with beaches only. You can also find dense spots of forests on the island. If you know where to look, you can go hiking on the island to see more of the natural beauty of Singapore. You can also go on guided tours and check out what else the island has to offer. One of the best ways to kill time is by trekking through the forest and seeing more wildlife up close and personal. At certain times of the year, this activity is quite popular.

6)    Visit a waterpark

Adventure Cove Waterpark is a themed waterpark with dozens of water-themed activities and rides you can go on. It is a fun place to go to if swimming in the ocean does not appeal to you too much. There, you can go snorkelling and do other water activities.

The best way to have fun is by visiting a Siloso beach restaurant in Singapore. Learn more about your next tropical getaway with friends or family by checking out their website.

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