Getting Married In Turkey

We specialize in providing individuals with a beautiful wedding in Turkey that is able to surpass their every dream and desire. We handle all the details including legal documentation, selection of the venue, henna party for the bride, and Turkish hamam (bath) for the groom. Enjoy a luxurious wedding without the stress of organization. We handle all details from big to small and ensure that your day is a memorable event that is forever treasured. A beautiful wedding in Turkey provides magical romance such as a ceremony in a medieval cave church complete with lit candles and fragrant flowers, or a gorgeous ceremony in Cappadocia with the fairy chimneys as a dramatic backdrop. A wedding in Turkey has limitations. We provide extravagant romance including the sharing of intimate wedding vows hundreds of feet up in a hot air balloon.

Wedding in Turkey options include tour packages such as the four nights/5 days wedding program Istanbul. Consider a wedding in Turkey ceremony at the historical Ecumenical Patriarchate, the holiest center of the Orthodox Christian church. This breathtaking seventeen century old center is the epitome of romance. The ancient and meaningful service is abundant with symbols of love, equality, mutual respect, and sacrifice. This symbolism touches every aspect of the ceremony, reception and Turkey Honeymoon including the koufeta (a honey almond wedding favor that represents fertility, new life and the sweetness of future life), service of betrothal: exchange of the rings, the crowning (the stefana are joined by a ribbon symbolizing unity and the presence of Christ, who brings a blessing and establishes them as King and Queen of their home, where they will reign with wisdom, justice, and integrity), the reading of prayers and of the New Testament, the common cup, the circling, the ceremonial walk, and the removal of the crowns. This romantic wedding in Turkey is one example of the life inspiring ceremonies that our travel specialists offer. Believe us-we provide events that are fondly remembered forever!

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