Multi Country Tour Packages

We dedicate considerable resources towards locating and selecting accommodation for our Multi Country Tours which captures the magic of the areas which you visit.

Many other destinations await you – Turkey , Greece, Croatia, Jordan, Israel , Morocco, Egypt ,Dubai, Emirates .... Wherever you wish to go, let Vip Luxury Travel take you there.

Whether you prefer to take part in an organised tour, or let us design your own personal itinerary, Vip Luxury Travel will provide you with a trip of a lifetime.

It is not only about waking up in the finest hotels in the world, criss-crossing continents in the comfort of the world’s top carriers, nor touring our planet’s amazing wonders that define Luxury Travel. Anyone can book a hotel, reserve a Flight, or even arrange a visit to the most spectacular site on Earth. But what about the very ingredients that make for a personalized, worry-free and indulgent experience? At Explorient, Luxury Travel is not just about the "tangibles". It is our attention to every detail in every aspect of your vacation that will make your journey the one to remember...

Besides luxurious accommodations, best-in-class air & ground transportation, and meticulously planned itineraries, each one of our Luxury Journeys is designed to maximize your very own personalized Experience in the Orient. Our definition of a “Private Tour” simply means “Your Journey”. Starting with our professional and insightful travel experts, we ensure your every question is answered and every aspect of your trip is perfected when it comes to planning your vacation. Once abroad, with your personal guide and chauffeur at your service, working relentlessly to attend to your every need, you have our assurances that your journey will be one that is well.

Our choice of fine cuisines makes every meal an enchanting experience of its own. Our top-quality guides, hand-selected by our executive management, whose sole mission is dedicated to your comfort and pleasure, will exceed your highest expectations. Finally, the minute details, the personal touches from start-to-finish will unmistakably differentiate between an ordinary vacation and a Journey of a Lifetime.

Each program is carefully assembled to maximize your experience to Europe , giving you the opportunity to sample a variety of distinctive cultures, "must-see" attractions, and exquisite cuisines. If you’re worried about spending too much time traveling while you’re there, don’t be. All transportation (air and ground) is meticulously arranged and well coordinated to enable our travelers to take advantage of every moment while they’re there.

Finally, the best part about our Multi-Country tours is the value. As you comb through the program details, you will be delighted to discover what you will get for the amazingly low price. If you’re still not convinced, call us and experience the level of service that goes beyond your expectations.